Swimming Pool Fencing Regulations in Victoria

Swimming Pool Fencing Regulations in Victoria

Swimming pool fencing regulations in Victoria require all pool owners to ensure the safety of the pools and spas by installing safety barriers or fencing on all four sides of pools or spas with 300 mm when filled with water. Failing to meet that could attract hefty fine for the pool owners.

Victorian pool fencing regulations is similar to that of the national regulations which apply to all cities and towns in Victoria as well. Pool owners MUST abide by those regulations and install fences around the pool.

Fences for swimming pools and spas constructed on or after 01 May 2010 must comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS1926.1 – 2007, which is the current national standard for swimming pools and spas.

On a high level, the regulations require swimming pool fencing to:

  • Have a safety barrier (fence) for all swimming pools and spas with a depth greater than 30cm (300mm).
  • Obtain a building permit for the construction of the pool and barrier.
  • Complete the barrier within 6 months of building work commencing on the swimming pool or spa.
  • Engage a registered building practitioner to carry out the work if the value of the work exceeds $5,000 (including labour and materials).
  • Maintain the barrier and any self-closing and self-latching gates in good working order.  (All gates are to have a self-closing, self-latching device – regardless of when the pool was built).
  • Never prop open any gate providing access to the swimming pool or spa.
  • Non-compliance with the Regulations risks lives, and pool owners could incur a fine of over $5,000.
  • Access from dwellings is not permitted directly into the pool area via external doors.
  • Indoor swimming pools and spas must have self-closing, self-latching doors that swing away from the pool area.

Requirements of Enclosed Doors, Windows and Gates

Direction of Opening

Gates have to be hung so that they only open outwards, away from the pool area. (BCA 2010, Clause 3.9.3).


Self-latching and self closing devices are required on all gates and doors that lead into the swimming pool/spa enclosure.


Doors from a dwelling are not permitted to be used. The swimming pool/spa must be fenced independently from the dwelling.

Pedestrian garage doors are acceptable only if they comply as a child resistant door set.


Where the sill height of the window is at or below 900mm from the floor level or any fixture, the windows is to either have securely fitted metal fly wire screens or have a permanent fixture restricting the opening of the window to 100mm or less.

Self-closing Devices

All doors and gates leading into the swimming pool enclosure must be fitted with a device that will return the door or gate to the closed position. The self-closing device must operate the latching device from any position (including resting against the lock of the latch) from a stationery start without the application of manual force. Self-latching device All doors and gates leading into the swimming pool enclosure  must be fitted with a device that will automatically latch on the closing of the gate or door and will prevent the gate or door from being re-opened without being manually released.  The self-latching device must be located not less than  1500mm from the finished ground/floor level.


There must be a non-climbable zone (NCZ) within a 900mm quadrant from the top of the safety barrier. Eg Trees, filters or heating equipment, fences, rails, play equipments, etc. Refer to attached applicable diagrams.


Full vision should be provided to the pool enclosure area.  There should not be any blind area or hiding spots. eg. behind sheds, etc.  It should be possible to see children at all times.

Also, check out the National Pool Fencing Regulations here.

As mentioned above, failing to abide by these regulations can incur a fine of $5,000 or even more.

Source: Vic Govt.

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