Second Hand Pool Fencing, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Australia

Second Hand Pool Fencing

Second hand pool fencing are a perfect way to replace an existing pool fencing or to install a new fence in a much more cost effective way. A brand new fence can cost a lot of money depending on what type of fencing your’re installing. However, you can get a bargain and save a lot of money if you install a second hand fence.

Now, second hand pool fencing are definitely cheap but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re used and of low quality. If you know exactly what you’re looking for then you can buy good quality second hand fence. As with anything second hand, there are some advantages and disadvantages involved. We’ve outlined some of them below:

Advantages Second Hand Pool Fencing

The main advantage of second hand products is that they’re a lot cheaper than the brand new one and pool fencing is no different than that. Depending on the size and the area of the pool and the type of the fence, a pool fence can set you back thousands of dollars. So it is only logical that you try to save some money, whichever way you can. And second hand fencing is the perfect way to do that.

Second hand pool fencing doesn’t mean they’re damaged, out of age pool fencing. There could be many reasons people sell their fences. It could be because of home renovation, moving out, upgrading the existing fences, etc. So don’t be afraid to go ahead and have a look. Because at the end of the day, you have got nothing to loose. If you find that the quality of the fence isn’t good enough then simply walk away.

Disadvantages or Risks Associated With Second Hand Pool Fencing

Second hand products do come with some risk sometimes. Which is why you have to be very careful when purchasing second hand fencing. Some of the risks could be:


One of the risks is the warranty. Unless you buy your second hand goods from a retail store, you won’t get any warranty on them. So whatever happens after you bring the fences home is your liability. This is why, you must check out the fences very carefully and make sure you’re 100% happy with those before paying.


One of the other issues with second hand, ready made product is that it’s really hard to find them in right dimensions. You’ll be very lucky to find another pool that has the exact area as yours. You may find more fences than you want or you may fall short. It’s better to find more than running short because if you run short then finding the remaining fences from another source will be very hard.

Where Can I Purchase Second Hand Pool Fencing From?

The best places to buy second hand pool fencing, especially online are eBay and Gumtree. Just look up on eBay and Gumtree in your area and you sure will find something that suits your criteria. Always make sure to go and inspect the items before committing to the purchase, specially if you’re buying from eBay. People say a lot of things about their products so it’s always better to believe your own eyes rather than someone else’s words.

Another way to find second hand fencing would be your local fencing stores. These stores sometimes sell their display fences for a fraction of the price at the end of the financial year. So keep an eye on for those sort of deals.

At then end of the day, you can save a lot of money by purchasing second hand pool fencing however you have to be very careful, otherwise you may loose more than you gain.


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